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An amazing evening was enjoyed by all at the London Palladium on Sunday 15th October by The Music Man Project. The evening was non-stop energy of joyous entertainment, so uplifting, bringing tears to your eyes. Some 1000 triangles waited patiently under everyone’s seats to be played simultaneously gaining a place in the Guinness Book of Records. The event has now become such a huge success they have all been invited to play at the Royal Albert Hall in 2018

More on this exceptional and outstanding education service specifically for children and adults with learning disabilities can be found on

The magnificent David Stanley the founder and director of ‘The Music Man Project’ was there leading the way for those in the audience and on stage who wanted to participate, David projected so much inspirational enthusiastic energy which was just absorbed by everyone in the theatre.

‘Music is Magic’ is the title of their new album and can be purchased on amazon or on the Music Man Project website

A well-deserved touching tribute and memories of Brian Rix, who for eight years was the secretary general of Mencap and became chairman in 1988 progressing to the president 10 years later, sadly, Brian Rix died last year 2016.