Business Tuck Shop

Join the other 45,000 business currently enjoying our sweet and snacks. We deliver our tuck shop boxes free of charge for your staff and customers to enjoy. They are perfect for your staff room, teapoints, reception areas and trade counters plus you’ll be supporting these very special causes.

business charity tuck shop boxes

Starting from 50 business customers back in 2001, Sweet Causes now distribute to over 45,000 companies across the UK. Each company has a minimum of 1 box of 30 items. The boxes are delivered free of charge and staff/customers simply add £1 in the honesty box and take an item.

The charity tuck shop relies of honesty and although we appreciate that time the time staff may not have cash on them at the time we do ask that any shortfall is made up when we come to replenish the box. You are under no obligation to do this but of course it will impact how much money the charity gets.

If you would like a charity tuck shop box in your business then simply complete our new customer form below:

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