It’s World Down Syndrome Day at Mencap With Charity Sweets

girl with down syndrome

Raise awareness on the 21st of March with Mencap

Everybody has heard at some point in their lives about Down Syndrome, but most people don`t know exactly what it means or even how this can affect their lives. On Down Syndrome Day this is exactly the point – to take actions to raise awareness, inclusion and to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes this condition. 

In 2006, the WDSD had its official website launched and hosted in Singapore and later supported by Brazil and Poland with an extensive campaign to generate international support. Soon, there was 78 UN Member States co-sponsoring the cause, being officially assembled declared on 21st March of 2011 as the World Down Syndrome Day.

Unfortunately, there are still many people with learning disabilities that suffer from being excluded from society, so to help others understand how people with learning disabilities – such as Down Syndrome – are more than capable of being included and living their lives as part of our society, Mencap has created the Myth Busters.

They’re now formed by 18 ambassadors that want to show the world what living with a learning disability really looks like, being the voice for those who can’t speak and proving that they DO can and that they deserve opportunities as everybody else. In the end, we all know that nobody is good at everything, and everybody deserves love!

You can support this cause in many ways, such as being informed, going to any of the events that will be happening on the day, sharing on your social channels, volunteering and of course, donating to the charities – and the good part is that you can do it here on our website by subscribing to our monthly sweet subscription boxes, so you can both help their cause and enjoy some sweets!

If you are looking for a helpline, you can contact 0808 808 1111 for more information. And remember: Always ask, listen and learn.

Winner Announcement

Febuary Raffle

Thank you to everyone that has taken part in our Charity Sweets Raffle

Most importantly we want to say thank you to everyone that has taken part in our raffle to start the year off & for your continued support in helping such great causes! So without further ado, the all-important announcement!


GO TOOLS11 Braithwell Way, Hellaby, Bramley, Rotherham S66 8QY


BOLT AND NUT, White Lea Rd, Swinton, Mexborough S64 8BH























Our Charity Partnerships

Subscription Sweets Boxes

How do charity sweets help our 4 chosen charities?

Here at Charity Sweets our aim is to spread the world of the amazing charities we support and raise money to make a difference! Want to know how it works? When you visit the Charity Sweets website you can opt in for our sweet box subscription in which every month in which you will receive a box of sweets and £2 out of the monthly fee will be donated to your chosen charity. Your subscriptions help millions of people across the UK suffering, from rescuing children to teenagers with cancer. Your donations mean more than you will ever know. You can choose your chosen charity and do your bit to make the world a nicer place for them. We appreciate everything you do and so do they! Every sweet box subscription is different you will get a range of different treats every month! They make perfect presents and treats a sinless treat!

Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now, an organisation driven by world-class research and committed to life-changing care. They are here for anyone affected by breast cancer, and we provide hope for the future. We strive to find new medications and technologies to help cure and relieve symptoms of breast cancer. We offer life changing care to anyone who is affected by breast cancer by providing helplines, living with secondary breast cancer groups and much more! We aim for you to see us as your trusted friend.

Breast Cancer Now events and campaigns

Breast Cancer now run many campaigns and host many events to raise money and spread awareness about breast cancer. You can get involved in so many ways and your help will always be welcomed with open arms. Breast Cancer now host many sporting events these include charity runs, charity bike rides, charity walks and much more. There are also other fundraising events you can do on your own! Afternoon tea and the Breast Cancer now golf club are very popular amongst our fundraisers. For more information on how to get involved in the Breast Cancer Now events, campaigns and fundraising activities visit the Breast Cancer Now website today.

The Children's Air Ambulance

The Children’s Air Ambulance

The Air Ambulance Service operates the national Children’s Air Ambulance and its local air ambulance services in Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Rutland. We want to make sure your children grow into adults; adults live longer, and families stay together so that traumatic loss will become less common. The services we provide are dedicated to saving lives and alleviating illness whenever and wherever we can.

The Children’s Air Ambulance events and campaigns

The Children’s Air Ambulance have a calendar full of events for you to get involved in. These range from sporting events such as Liverpool half marathon, tour of the peak sportive to Doncaster Race Day and Children’s Air Ambulance Skydive Oxfordshire. Children’s health is so important, we want to provide a fast efficient service to save as many children’s lives as possible and your donations help us save lives!

To view all of the events that you can get involved in to support the Children’s Air Ambulance Charity visit the website

Teenage Cancer Trust

Teenage Cancer Trust

Through the work at Teenage Cancer Trust with young people with cancer since 1990, we’ve learned a lot about the unique emotional, physical, and practical needs associated with their diagnosis. Young people help us decide how to offer cancer services and are at the heart of everything we do. Our fantastic staff and volunteer team are inspired daily by the amazing young people who are treated on our units and through our outreach services.

Teenage Cancer Trust events and campaigns

Do you want to do more to help Teenage Cancer Trust? There are many sporting charities challenges that you can get involved in! Skydiving, extreme sports, running, swimming, bike riding are just some of the activities you can do to raise money for Teenage Cancer Trust. Teenage Cancer Trust is very fortunate to have the support of friends and ambassadors in the music and entertainment industries, who all play an important part in helping us provide vital support to young people with cancer. To find out what music and entertainment events are being held and how to get yourself a ticket visit the music and entertainment events webpage today.



At Mencap, they value ad support people with a learning disability, their families, and careers. Our vision is a world in which people with a learning disability are valued equally, listened to, and engaged. We are dedicated to improving the lives of people with learning disabilities. We also strive to support their families and loved ones. We stand with them, fighting with them for a better future. We team up with over 300 local groups to reach people across England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

Mencap events and campaigns

2022 is going to be an amazing year for Mencap and their events! Rock your socks for Mencap is going to kick start our events calendar on the 21 March 2022. We also have marathons scheduled throughout the year that we would love for you to be apart of. Take the plunge and challenge yourself this year for an amazing cause! Check out all of the Mencap events today!

Last Hour’s Pay


Mencap - Last Hour Pay

Can you imagine what it is like to be alone every Christmas?

For some people with a learning disability, like Darren, this is their reality. They have over come an array of milestones in their lives, then Christmas times comes around. Fighting depression is a constant battle which is made harder when you don’t have a support network behind you especially at Christmas. Whilst you are out celebrating with friends, family deciding which restaurant to go to many people with learning difficulties are just longing to find a friendly hello. This situation is all to common and now is the time where you can do something about it! You can donate your last hour pay to Mencap to help people like Darren giving them the gift of company this Christmas.

Learn more about Darren's story here.

Mencap Give hope Campaign
“I didn’t have an easy start in life. When I was 2 my mum left me abandoned on the street in the snow. I don’t like to think about it, but when I do, I feel sad. I lived in lots of different institutions as I grew up. I was alone and down, until I met my partner Trace. I loved Trace, we had a great life together and we were happy. We got engaged and moved in together. Those were the happiest days of my life. But when Trace passed away in 2008, I was lonelier than ever, and fell into a deep depression. I was really unhappy. I would just sit at home all day on my own… until I found Mencap
Please consider donating your Last Hour’s Pay to Mencap today

Loneliness at Christmas

This Christmas there are thousands of people like Darren with absolutely no one to talk to.
Loneliness isn't just miserable. It damages lives and kills.

People who feel alone are at higher risk of depression, high blood pressure and dying younger1 . People with a learning disability are seven times more likely to be alone this Christmas2. Almost half (46%) of people with a learning disability do not go out in the evenings, simply because they have nobody to go with3.

It doesn’t have to be this way with you support this festive season. With your donations we can support hundreds of people across the UK with learning disabilities giving them the platform to have the right support, to make friends and to live a happy life outside of their home. All it takes is one donation to change somebodies life. 

How Mencap Last Hour Pay campaign can help people

You can make loneliness a thing of the past for someone like Darren with a learning disability this Christmas by donating your last hour pay in December 2021 to Mencap
  • £14 could help fund a Christmas activity pack for two people Mencap support, making sure they can socialise with friends and not be alone this festive season.
  • £20 Could provide the resources for a family to complete a specialised training programme for parents of children with a learning disability, giving their children the best start in life.
  • £40 could go towards a day of activities for people like Darren, giving them a reason to leave their homes and socialise this Christmas,

“After years of feeling lonely, I started going to a Mencap day service. That’s when things got better. Coming to Mencap means I have friends and people I can talk to now. I can get help with any problems I have. And they were there for me during lockdown when I had nobody else. I’m much happier now. When I go to Mencap, it’s always the best part of my week. I love getting there and seeing everyone and having a chat. I get invited to people’s birthday celebrations. And instead of staying at home alone, I now go to the pub with my friends in the evening. 

"I want to say that that your support really does make life better - trust me! Whatever you can give this Chritman will mean a lot so thank you"

Donate to Mencap Last Hour Pay campaign today!

Your donations will help people like Darren find a safe and stable community where he is able to receive all the help and support he needs. Darren has now found a new purpose in life after losing the love of his life thanks to Mencap and your donations. You can help someone today to rediscover happiness. If you want to help a great cause this Christmas, click here to donate to Mencap. 


References: 1. Gilmore & Cuskelly, 2014. 2. ONS (2019). Disability, well-being and loneliness. UK: 2019 Report. 3. Mencap (2019). ‘Going out and Nightlife Survey’. 

Update: Back In The Community

Following the easing of the national lockdown, our collectors are back out refilling your sweet boxes. 

They have been given the adequate PPE and are wiping down the boxes with antibacterial wipes to make sure our products are as safe as possible. If you do need a refill, and the collector has not gotten to you yet, then please call us up on 0845 120 1531 or email us at

Update: Coronavirus


Dear Sweet Causes customer.

Due to the current government guidelines over the Coronavirus, we have taken the decision to ask our collectors to suspend their rounds temporarily, and we will not be visiting premises until we believe it is safe and appropriate to so.

This decision has not been taken lightly, as the charities we work with value all of the donations that come into them, especially at times like these. However we believe that the health of our staff and customers is paramount.


We WILL be back to business as usual, as soon as we feel it is appropriate to do so, and in the meantime, we can get a box couriered to your business. If you email into with your name, address, postcode, and which charity you have a box for, we will get a box sent over to you in due course. The collector can then collect any cash once they are back in the area.


We apologise in advance to any customers that may be affected by this decision, but we hope that you understand.

Cheque presentation with Teenage Cancer Trust & Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands

Charity sweets team photo with cheque

We would like to say a very big thank you to Andy Street, Mayor of the West Midlands, after his visit to Sweet Causes yesterday. He was here to witness the presentation of the cheque to Charlotte Kendall, of Teenage Cancer Trust to celebrate the £300,000 we have donated.

Presentation of a £300,000 cheque to TCT, witnessed by Andy Street
Charlotte Kendall from TCT and the West Midlands Mayor tour the Sweet Causes office

This was followed by a tour of the office and the factory to see some of the Teenage Cancer Trust sweet bags being produced, and we also surprised Andy with some personalised bags of Jelly Beans for his campaign in 2021.

Bob Strong showing the visitors around our factory.
Personalised sweets for the the next election campaign.

Roald Dahl Stained Glass Window at Birmingham Childrens Hospital

Roald Dahl inspired window art

Sweet Causes was among the guests at Birmingham Children’s Hospital where a unique set of stained-glass windows were unveiled.

The windows, designed by Sir Quentin Blake features installations of some of Roald Dahl’s most popular characters.  The Installation was unveiled by Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity Royal Patron, HRH The Duchess of Cornwall. Alongside The Duchess, were Sir Quentin Blake, & Felicity Dahl, wife of the late author, who came up with the idea for the project.

Birmingham was chosen for the installation as Mrs Dahl’s father had previously worked at the hospital as a surgeon.

A plaque has also been installed in the hospital including a list of the contributors to the project, with Sue & Bob Strong, the companies founders being among them.

A thank you plaque to the contributors of the of the window.



Please be assured that we are regularly checking for any updates in advised procedures and taking extra precautions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus to our staff and customers. And have stepped up precautions to limit the risk of cross contamination.


The NHS has released the following information in regards to limiting the spread of coronavirus (updated 10-3-20):


  • wash your hands with soap and water often – do this for at least 20 seconds
  • always wash your hands when you get home or into work
  • use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available
  • cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when you cough or sneeze
  • put used tissues in the bin straight away and wash your hands afterwards
  • try to avoid close contact with people who are unwell


  • do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

Check if you need medical help. NHS 111 has an online coronavirus service that can tell you if you need medical help and advise you what to do. Use this service if:

  • you think you might have coronavirus.
  • In the last 14 days you’ve been to a country or area with a high risk of coronavirus – see our coronavirus advice for travellers


Further information can be found on the WHO information page:

£300,000 Raised For The Teenage Cancer Trust

thank you image

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of your continued support. Thanks to you all, we have now raised over £300,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, and will continue to raise more in the future. Providing medical assistance to young people with cancer.

Thanks to you, we are able to help charities across the nation, most of which do not receive government funding and are dependent on donations.