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It’s World Down Syndrome Day at Mencap With Charity Sweets

girl with down syndrome

Raise awareness on the 21st of March with Mencap

Everybody has heard at some point in their lives about Down Syndrome, but most people don`t know exactly what it means or even how this can affect their lives. On Down Syndrome Day this is exactly the point – to take actions to raise awareness, inclusion and to signify the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes this condition. 

In 2006, the WDSD had its official website launched and hosted in Singapore and later supported by Brazil and Poland with an extensive campaign to generate international support. Soon, there was 78 UN Member States co-sponsoring the cause, being officially assembled declared on 21st March of 2011 as the World Down Syndrome Day.

Unfortunately, there are still many people with learning disabilities that suffer from being excluded from society, so to help others understand how people with learning disabilities – such as Down Syndrome – are more than capable of being included and living their lives as part of our society, Mencap has created the Myth Busters.

They’re now formed by 18 ambassadors that want to show the world what living with a learning disability really looks like, being the voice for those who can’t speak and proving that they DO can and that they deserve opportunities as everybody else. In the end, we all know that nobody is good at everything, and everybody deserves love!

You can support this cause in many ways, such as being informed, going to any of the events that will be happening on the day, sharing on your social channels, volunteering and of course, donating to the charities – and the good part is that you can do it here on our website by subscribing to our monthly sweet subscription boxes, so you can both help their cause and enjoy some sweets!

If you are looking for a helpline, you can contact 0808 808 1111 for more information. And remember: Always ask, listen and learn.