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The 2017 Christmas Tree Festival is once again here at Lichfield Cathedral, what they raise over the next coming weeks will go to The Friends of Lichfield Cathedral who support the work of this magnificent cathedral. The Festival runs from the Saturday 2nd December 2017 right through to 3rd January 2018.  In December alone, the cathedral brought in over 40,000 visitors through its doors last year and The Christmas Tree Festival event brought over 10,000 to the Cathedral, each person has the opportunity to vote for a tree which they think is their favourite by purchasing a token, there are also prizes for the top three winners.

This year’s theme is called ‘Star of Wonder’.

Well here it is, our tree, no we haven’t bother with ribbon this year, company lanyards did the job just fine!


Acrylic stars and sweetie capsules containing white chocolate sprinkled stars and tiny jelly dew drops, homemade orange and cinnamon Christmas cookies.

Baubles – Mencap, Teenage Cancer Trust and Children’s Air Ambulance.