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Over the past 18 months, we have watched a brand new amazing clinical building being develop right before our very own eyes..


We thought you would appreciate a sight of the following time lapse video which shows the progress, and confirms that the Centre will open in January 2018.

In case you didn’t know Waterfall House will be the home for a new Cancer Centre, The Paul O’Gorman Centre (Top 3 Floors) and also a new Centre for Rare Diseases (First Floor), which we and many others supported via ‘The Big Hoot Appeal’ and Auction in 2015.

By the way our ‘Owlfred’ now sits in the foyer of The Birmingham Symphony Hall propping up the bar and is very happy there.

Through the Star Appeal, everyone involved were able to raise a staggering total of £3.65million, which totally funded the new Centre for Rare Diseases,

and it will be the first of its kind in the UK.

This is a ground-breaking approach, and everyone is all looking forward to hearing about the immediate impact this new facility will have on the many families and the 9,000 children Birmingham Children’s Hospital treat with Rare Diseases. It will also influence and change the way the hospital approaches treatments for these special patients not only around the UK, but also around the world.

To all of you who supported this appeal a very big thank you.

Oh! so the next time you hear someone say ‘What do you want to buy an Owl or a Bear for?’

Well now you know why!