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If you are trying to raise funds for a charity or special event or community project, here’s one way in which we may be able to help you. As you can see from the various people we have already been involved in over the years here’s just a few who have helped raise funds for their special event.

We have had coffee mornings, baby showers supporting baby charities, marathons or fun runs, hairdressers supporting hair donations and wigs, summer fetes at schools or churches, music or sports events, Theatres who have had charity matinees or evenings, garden charities and parties, ‘In Memory Of’  events, all these are the kind of events that we have supported over the years.  

These kind of events may need support on a short term basis or are on a one or two-day annual event or even where the event or charity needs support on a quarterly basis,

you decide …… there is always ways to give your support – Email:

Click onto the link to the FAQ page .. This is how it works …

Here are some case studies on how some of our customers are using ‘Charity Sweets’ for their fund-raising events.

Hopefully this will give you some ideas of your own for your up and coming event on how you can generate funds that you are capable of raising, that are not too demanding on yourself.

An email was sent to a few friends, family and supporters of the above charity, resulted in 25 people volunteering to take a couple of ‘Charity Sweets’ boxes to be displayed at their place of work, within two weeks the contents had been sold generating over £500 in much needed funds, with very little effort on the part of the charity.
All persons involved had promised to be committed in taking two boxes to their own place of work three times a year and has resulted in them raising a much needed £1500.

We supplied LARGA with 2000 bags of charity sweets for their ‘Party in the Park’ annual fund raising event, 1400 bags were sold generating £700 for the charity.  LARGA had the option to return the remaining 600 bags and receive a refund, however they decided to keep them, this way they could then sell the remaining sweets at smaller events during the rest of their planned year, the final amount raised was in excess of £1200. Mark Watkins the chairman of LARGA commented “the money we raise each year from ‘Charity Sweets’ enables the association to provide much needed equipment to benefit the residents, and in particular the children in the area”.

Beechwood School council purchased 2000 bags of our ‘Charity Sweets’ and not only generated over £1200 in funds, but the school was able to create a complete project from start to finish for their 6th Form group students. Mike Gaffin, Assistant Headmaster explains “The students formed a company to sell the sweets, produced a business plan, organised the marketing, pricing and operated the rota for manning the tuck shop. The project incorporated a number of academic and creative subjects including math’s, economics, art, accountancy and even down to woodwork, how? By building their own tuck shop, just as importantly created a real team building environment for the students”, who would have thought sweets could bring all this together.