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All staff at Francesco Hairdressers Group in Streetly Sutton Coldfield  were behind supporting Friends International Organisation in Cambodia.

And to help them on their way we were more than happy to provide them with a few ‘sweet treats’ to start the ball rolling, their customers were happy too, relaxing having their hair done, cup of coffee, good natter, putting the world to right with their hairdresser, there are raffle tickets to buy or even better, a bag of your favourite sweets, what could be nicer?

Many young vulnerable children over the years in Cambodia have had to provide some kind of income for the families in very risky situations either by working and living off the streets in tourist areas late at night exposing little ones to the many dangers of sickness, their personal safety, drug abuse and the exploitation of young lives in these harsh heart-breaking conditions.

This charity tries to help, advise, educate and protect these children with their families by providing the guidance that they all need, by reintegration,  these children are able to go back to school, be with their families and help give them shelter. They provide vital support that is needed to get them through the necessary skills in training for when they reach adult hood, advising them of health issues and generally to show that someone out there really cares about them.

Surely, every child has that right to an education, some family care and a healthy safe life.